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Medigap Plan F | Medigap Plan G

Your day is finally over. You are sitting in a corner booth in your favorite restaurant. You are too tired and irritated to drive home right now. Your shoulders are tight. Then the headache you thought you left behind at work comes back as you agonize over the menu You smile at nobody in particular,

CT Medicare Part D plan

Finding the best CT Medicare part D plan for your needs can be a very straightforward process so long as your medication needs don’t change during the year. We Simply Research the Medicare Drug Plans… …to find the one with lowest total monthly costs. This is the same principle to use with all other types

dental coverage for seniors | Dental Insurance in Connecticut

Dental Coverage for Seniors | Dental Insurance in Connecticut Medicare and Dental Insurance in Connecticut Medicare Part A offers a very limited amount of dental care. This is limited to treatment in the hospital for emergency or complicated dental procedures. Medicare Part A to won’t pay for you to sit in your dentist’s chair for

Medigap Plans in Connecticut | Medicare drug plan

Best Medigap Plans in Connecticut for Medical Frequent Flyers It is clear which CT Medicare Supplement Plans have the best coverage. Ask any agent and she or he will tell you Plan F is the best of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut. It has the most solid protection, although it isn’t the most expensive plan.

Medigap Plan F | Medigap Plan G

It is very clear. Ask any agent or other expert on the Medicare insurance plans available to Connecticut baby boomers. You will hear Medigap Plan F (Medicare Supplement Plan F) is the most solid, benefit-rich plan in every way. No Medigap plan has better benefits for any individual medical service. But let’s compare it to

Medigap dangers

It may sound strange to hear an agent admit he rarely recommends the best plan, but it’s true. I rarely do. The most comprehensive Medigap plan offered in Connecticut is very solid and is offered by a well-known carrier. I represent the company and the policy is a very good one. So, why do I

Medicare Supplement Plans in CT

2 Best Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans if You are Super Healthy If you want to enroll in one of the Medicare Supplement Plans in CT and rarely need a doctor’s care, you probably want to hear about the Medigap policies with the absolute lowest cost that can provide strong firewall of financial protection if you

CT Medicare Supplemental Insurance

How to Compare CT Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Please read how to compare CT Medicare Supplemental insurance plans (the first post in this series) if you haven’t already. The previous posts covers Medicare plans A through G. This post starts with Plan K. (Plan H, Plan I and Plan J are no longer available for

compare CT medicare supplement insurance

How to Compare Medigap Plans in Connecticut Please read how to how to compare CT Medicare Supplemental insurance plans (the first post in this series) if you haven’t already. This series contains information you need to compare Medigap plans offered in Connecticut. The previous post covers Medigap Plans A through D. This post starts with

senior sneakers CT

Do you like to swim? Maybe you like to jog or walk on the treadmill. If you do, or if you would like to develop one of these healthy habits, many of the Connecticut Medicare Advantage and Connecticut Medicare Supplement plans include access to local gyms as a free benefit. Many local YMCAs and other