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CT Preferred Pharmacy List for Medicare Plans How would you like to drop your prescription costs by 60%? Or even see your copays go to zero? If you are not using a preferred pharmacy, you could be paying much more than you should! What is the difference between preferred cost sharing and standard cost sharing?

If you value the freedom to visit any doctor who accepts Medicare over the substantial difference in monthly premium, you may see a Medicare Supplement plan in your future. Most of my clients tell me they want one of the $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plans, however, although these plans offer a surprising amount of coverage,

I’ll admit it. As a baby boomer, I’m not always happy when, with increasing frequency, I hear the word “slow” used to describe me. But I’m proud of being a slow insurance agent. You won’t find instant quotes for Medicare policies on my site. What you’ll find is a five-page form with extra questions you

Too many Connecticut Medicare plans?

I hear how confusing Medicare is every day. A big part of what I do as an agent, is help lift the Medicare fog and make a slippery subject easier to grasp. You don’t have to explore the Connecticut Medicare landscape alone. I can help you see all your options and get a good handle

CT Medicare Insurance

Making the right moves to be properly set up with Medicare comes down to “when,” “what” and “who.” When Should You Enroll in Your CT Medicare Insurance? Enrolling in Medicare at Age 65 Important: If you wait until your actual birthday, you have probably waited too long. Your Medicare eligibility date is the first of

your income affects your Medicare Part B premium

If your income is above average, it is possible that you will pay more for Medicare. But first let’s talk about what your income doesn’t change. You will see the same rates for your Medicare Supplement Policy as anyone else in Connecticut who selects the same plan from the same company. You will pay the

CT Medicare Savings Program can pay Medicare Part B

The CT Medicare Savings Program May Pay Your Part B Medicare Premium and Lower Your Copays CT Medicare Savings Program 2017 Income Guidelines If you’re single and your monthly income is under $2,472.30 or you’re married and your combined monthly income is under $3,328.38. If so, you probably qualify to have the State of Connecticut

CT Medicare Advantage Plans

There are several $0 Premium Medicare Advantage Plans. There are three or more in every county in Connecticut. (The are no $0 premium Medicare Supplement plans.) You may be surprised to hear these plans are available to high income earners as well as the rest of us. There are no income questions on the applications.

Medigap Plan F

If you are like most people, once you hear there is a limited supply of something or a deadline is approaching, your ears perk up. I know mine do. Psychologists say we are hardwired to respond to scarcity (even if psychologists rarely talk about the Medicare Supplement plans in CT.) So hearing Medigap Plan F

Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans

Are Medicare Supplement Plans Worth It? The average Medicare Supplement Plan costs a lot more than the average Medicare Advantage plan, yet many of my clients choose to pay more and purchase a Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plan. Those who choose the more expensive option do so because they want more in one of two areas.

CT Medicare Supplement Plans cost more than a Medicare Advantage plan, yet many ignore the $0 premium Medicare Advantage plans. and purchase a Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plan. Why?