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CT Medicare Advantage, $0 Premium Plan

A $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plan is very attractive to many. For others sounds too good to be true. Many just have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept. But there are several low cost Medigap and Advantage plans to residents of the State of Connecticut. Medicare enrollees have options that others do

If you get “creditable” health insurance coverage from your employer and you are happy with that coverage, you should probably keep that it past age 65. Delaying will keep the monthly premium for Medicare Part B in your bank account a little longer. (For most people, the monthly premium for Medicare Part B is $134

Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans

What will you pay in copays and other cost shares? This is the sixth in this series. To start at the beginning, go to 5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling. Your decision will be easier to make if you first estimate how often you will see doctors and other medical professionals in the next year.

The next Medicare Open Enrollment Period (technically the Annual Election Period or AEP) will begin on Saturday October 15th and will end on Wednesday December 7th. There are exceptions, but for most Medicare recipients it is the only time of the year they can change to a different Medicare health plan. You can get quotes