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Comparing Medicare insurance plans

You may still be undecided about Medicare. Many people have told me they feel overwhelmed by the process. I certainly felt that way when I first took a good look at Medicare. That was years ago, but I remember fighting through the fog like it was yesterday. Maybe taking a peek at how I compare

CT Medigap Plan F CT Medigap Plan N

Compared to Medigap Plan F, neither Medigap Plan N nor Plan K will not cover you as well. However, due to their lower cost, one may be a better option for you and other Medicare Enrollees in Connecticut. Plan N may cost you $80 to $100 less per month when compared to Plan F, but

Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plan F

Ask almost any agent who helps seniors with their Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plan needs, or other expert, and he or she will tell you a combination of Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap) F and a solid Prescription Drug Plan is the safest option for Medicare Enrollees in any

Medicare drug plans in Connecticut

Late last year, I sat at the dining room table of a couple I’ve helped for the last several years with their CT Medicare Advantage policies. Mr. C is 75. He still drives a limousine. Mrs. C always has a smile on her face and in her eyes. She doesn’t look it (maybe because of

Connecticut Medicare Enrollment Deadline

What if You Miss Your Medicare Enrollment Deadline? If you miss your Medicare Enrollment Deadline, you may have a long nervous time without proper coverage. If you miss your window of opportunity, you will have to wait for the next Medicare open enrollment period to enroll. A hospital stay at the wrong time could mercilessly

CT Medicare Advantage Plans

How does rank the plans in your area? This is the fourth in this series. To start at the beginning, go to 5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an unbiased source that would give you a list of all plans in your area and then put the

CT Medicare Advantage Plans

CT Medicare Supplement Plans are designated by letters. There is a Plan A. There is a Plan B. And so on. There are 10 plans that are currently sold in Connecticut. These plans are sold by private insurers and supplement “Original Medicare.” Original Medicare consists of Parts (not to be confused with Plans) A and

Medicare Penalties | CT Medigap

If I were still blessed with the earthly presence of my mother, I’d like to think she would buy her Medicare Plan from me. But maybe not. I doubt she ever forgot my irresponsible teen age years. And my irresponsible teen age years extended into my twenties. But mom was very forgiving so she’d probably

Medicare Part B Costs Too High? If you are enrolled in Medicare, you probably pay for Medicare Part B. Unless your state is paying it for you, you pay quarterly or your monthly social security check is being reduced by the amount of your premium.. You are probably paying $134 or less monthly or $402

Using to Find the Right Medicare Advantage Plan for You (the Medicare official website) provides a free and relatively easy to use resource to help you select the right Medicare Advantage (Part C) insurance policy for your situation. (It is also an excellent resource for researching PDP – prescription drug plan – options.

How to use to find the best Connecticut Medicare plan for you needs.