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Did you know there are (at least) two times of year when you can switch Medicare insurance plans? You probably know about the Annual Election Period (Open Enrollment) that starts in October. You might not know about the other time (or times) when you can switch plans. Why is This Important? You can change plans

Most of the agents I talk with disagree with me. At least about the plan types we should recommend to our clients. I recommend Medicare Advantage plans much more often than my good friend, Chris in California, does. Most agents prefer to recommend Medicare Supplement Plans. I’ve struggled to understand why. It took me a

I closed my eyes. I crossed my fingers. I thought I might hear bad news when they voted last week. Bad news that could have cost some seniors their lives. Many would be forced to choose between filling their prescriptions and buying food or paying rent. The State of Connecticut could have kicked tens of

Connecticut Medicare – Is Your Doctor in Network Surprises can make you smile when the surprise is a gift or a kiss from your grandbaby. Getting a doctor’s bill you didn’t expect isn’t nearly as much fun. This can happen if you see doctors who are not in your plan’s network. You will probably pay

Connecticut Medicare Advantage or Supplement and Travel

If you spend any time out of state, the safest option is to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan. These plans have no network restrictions. Fortunately, I can help you with either a Supplement or an Advantage plan. Unfortunately Supplement plans cost much more. So, I’d like to help you avoid or delay paying this

If you are a Connecticut Medicare enrollee, you cannot be denied a Medicare Supplement Plan. At least not based on your having a medical condition. This includes cancer, heart disease and AIDS. You can be denied a Medicare Advantage plan. Your application will ask about one medical condition. ESRD. ESRD or end state renal disease

Researching Medigap on lawn

4 Typical “New to Medicare” Scenarios. Which Situation is Yours? If you choose to ask me for help, I promise to listen to you, answer your questions and advise you based on your unique situation. However, you are likely to fit into one of these four scenarios. You’ll see the direction I’m likely to point

It can be frustrating if you’re just a little over the income limit. If your income is below average, you could pay a high income penalty. If your income is below average, might not qualify for a program for people with lower incomes. How to Show Less Annual Income Some income-based programs base their requirements

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. (Part A covers hospital expenses. Part B covers doctors expenses. Part C can cover all three. Part C plans include Medicare Advantage policies.) You could pay a penalty if you don’t have Part D. Or worse. You might need an expensive drug you can’t afford. If you decide on

Comparing Medicare insurance plans

You may still be undecided about Medicare. Many people have told me they feel overwhelmed by the process. I certainly felt that way when I first took a good look at Medicare. That was years ago, but I remember fighting through the fog like it was yesterday. Maybe taking a peek at how I compare

Connecticut Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage Plans: See how to compare plans by weighing the best case, worst case and most likely case scenario.