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This post is about Medicare Supplements. You’ll see the rules for Medicare Advantage policies shortly.

As Connecticut residents, we’re lucky.

You can’t be denied for Medicare Supplement insurance based on your medical history.


We Can Be Denied Based on Age.

Medicare enrollees under age 65 have fewer options. (Yes, I said “under 65.”)

The companies are required to make Plan A available to anyone who qualifies for Medicare. Few offer any other options to those under 65.

(A $0 monthly premium Medicare Advantage Plan is probably your best option if you’re under 65 and qualify for Medicare.)

Plan A is most expensive plan. It is also the plan that covers the least.

Why does it cost the most… if it covers the least? Because more claims are made against it.

Most people who select Plan A are under 65. Only disabled persons qualify for Medicare before 65. They have more hospital stays and doctor visits than older Medicare enrollees.

To qualify for the Other Medicare Supplement Plans, You Must:

  • Have Medicare Part A
  • Have Medicare Part B
  • Be 65 or over

If you meet the requirements above, and are a Connecticut resident, you will not be denied a Medicare Supplement Plan based on your medical history.

(The rules are different in most other states.)


Your Coverage Can Be Delayed

If you have a Medicare Advantage Policy, unless you qualify for an exception, you’ll need to cancel your policy during the Annual Enrollment Period first. You cannot have both an Advantage policy and a Supplement policy at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about preexisting conditions, if you are new to Medicare or have maintained continuous coverage.

But if you haven’t…

You may have to wait a few months before your new policy covers those conditions.

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