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Can A Medicare Advantage Plan Deny You?

This post is about Medicare Advantage Plans. To see the rules for Medicare Supplement Plans, please visit this blog post.

In order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement Plan you must:

  • Have Medicare Part A
  • Have Medicare Part B

To qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan you must also live in the plan’s servicing area. In Connecticut, this means you must live in one of the counties served by the plan you want. Most plans are available in multiple counties. Some are serve all eight Connecticut counties.

You can be denied coverage if you have end stage renal disease. (This is kidney disease requiring dialysis or a transplant.)

If you are denied Medicare Advantage coverage because of ESRD, you will likely be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan.

(By the way, I offer both Advantage and Supplement plans.)

So long as you have Medicare Part A & B, apply when you are new to Medicare or during the Annual Enrollment Period, you do not have ESRD, you cannot be denied a Medicare Advantage plan due to your health history.

Your pre-existing conditions cannot be held against you. Your coverage cannot be delayed or denied.

The most popular Medicare Advantage Plans have $0 monthly premiums.

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