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How to Enroll in Medicare

  • You can apply for Medicare online.
    You may want to Print this document first. It gives instructions on how to apply for Medicare but not social security income benefits. However, whether you want to start receiving SS benefits now or later, most of the steps are the same.
  • You apply by phone by calling Social Security I don’t recommend calling the national number. Use the Social Security Office Locator
  • to find the phone number for your local office. You’ll probably be on hold for a lot less time.

  • You can enroll by visiting a local Social Security office.
    You can find the most convenient one by using the Social Security Office Locator

What to Enroll in

You will need Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B before you enroll your Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.

If you will be able to keep your coverage from work (and it is affordable and covers you well): You should probably enroll in Part A, but not Part B. However, you should not enroll in Medicare Part A if you have a Health Savings Account and want to continue to contribute to it.

(For more info about employer-sponsored coverage read this post about Medicare and Group coverage)


When your group coverage ends, let’s connect. We can talk about your Medicare options whenever you’re ready.

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