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Medicare Copays Coinsurance and Deductibles Explained Before you look under the hood of your insurance policy, let’s go over a few terms. Once you have a handle on the four terms below, you have a better understanding of how Medicare and other health policies work. Three of these terms are cost shares. Cost shares are:

What You Might Lose if You Lose Low Income Medicare Benefits If you currently have Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) benefits, there are three big benefits you stand to lose if your income is higher than the new income levels. If you have any level of Medicare Savings Program (MSP) status, you may lose two benefits

What If You Have a Pre-Existing Condition? Are a Connecticut resident? Do you plan to stay one for the upcoming year? If “yes,” you can probably relax. If you maintain continuous coverage, your medical history isn’t likely to affect you. You will only see one medical question on an application for a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans are not secondary insurance plans. (Medicare Supplement Plans are secondary.) Medicare Advantage is like group health insurance policies and other non-Medicare health coverage. You will just present your ID card to your doctor when you have a visit, then pay your copay. (This can make life simpler. You won’t have to wait

Effective March 1st 2018, you may lose Medicare Savings Program benefits from the State of Connecticut. You might have heard the income limits dropped dramatically. This change hurts 68,000 Connecticut residents. You will see tips and strategies in this email series that may help you reduce the pain if you are one of the 68,000.