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2018 Medicare Savings Program (MSP) Cuts Hurt Connecticut Seniors and Others

Over 68,000 Connecticut Medicare Enrollees will lose MSP assistance in 2018!

Medical costs for some will jump from $100 per year to several hundred per month. The state chose to balance its budget on the backs of Connecticut grandmothers and grandfathers.

This will be a hardship to seniors as well as younger folks with low-incomes. (Many people under 65 qualify for Medicare due to a disability.)

Some who are now struggling to stay in their homes, and keep food in their refrigerator, will be shocked when they see their medical bills skyrocket.

Will You Be Hurt?

Most Medicare enrollees have $134 deducted from their Social Security deposits. This pays for Medicare Part B.

Did the State of Connecticut paid this for you in 2017? If so, you were a member of the Medicare Savings Program. However, if your income is over $1,377 per month (single) or $1,847 per month (married), you will lose this benefit in 2018.

Your may also need to start paying for doctor visits in 2018. Did you see doctors without paying a copay in 2017? If so you probably had Qualified Medicare Beneficiary status. However, if your income is over $1,025 per month (single) or $1,374 per month (married), you will lose this status in 2018. (These are the new QMB income limits.) This means you will be see a bill for doctor visits in 2018.

You may also be asked to pay more at the pharmacy if you lose Qualified Medicare Beneficiary status.

What Can You Do?

You can apply for insurance that can reduce your costs in the doctor’s office. Some plans will bring your costs down to a small copay for most medical care. Others will pay all or most of the cost not paid by Medicare.

You can pay as little as $0 in monthly premiums. Most companies offering $0 premium plans are well known established companies. There is a good chance you had coverage with one or more of them in the past.

When is Your Deadline?

You can apply as late as 60 days after you lose your benefits from the State. If you recently lost, or are about to lose MSP benefits, you can apply for coverage now. (You can shop for a better plan at any time if you have MSP benefit even if you are not in danger of losing them.)

Do You Want a Recommendation

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Our agency is appointed with all Medicare Health Plans available in 6 of the 8 Connecticut counties and all but one in the state. Many of your choices have $0 monthly premiums for 2018.

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“ Connecticut-licensed insurance agent since 1985.”

State budget cuts to the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) will more than sting. Medical expenses for some will jump from $100 per year to several hundred per month.