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CT Preferred Pharmacy List for Medicare Plans

How would you like to drop your prescription costs by 60%? Or even see your copays go to zero?

If you are not using a preferred pharmacy, you could be paying much more than you should!

What is the difference between preferred cost sharing and standard cost sharing? Your insurance company probably has both preferred and standard pharmacies in their network. But your wallet will feel a difference if you go to the wrong type of drug store.

If you want to walk out of your drug store with more money left in your pocket, make sure you visit a preferred pharmacy. You may hear the pharmacist say "I won’t need your credit card. There is no charge for these drugs."

Click below to view the network of pharmacies for some of the more popular plans.

These lists include both standard and preferred pharmacies. Be sure to look for the word "preferred" next to the name of a drug store. This list changes every year, so if your copays jump in January be sure to connect with this page again.

*Currently United Healthcare has preferred pharmacies for their standalone drug plans only. They do not appear to have preferred pharmacies for their Medicare health plans that cover both medical and drug expenses. Wellcare does not appear to have preferred pharmacies in Connecticut.

Do You Qualify for Help?

  Medicare Savings Program Pharmaceutical Assistance Program
Single $2,472.30/month ($29,668/year) $48,240.00/year (sometimes higher)
Couple $3,28.38/month ($39,941/year) $64,960.00/year (sometimes higher)

*The income limits for the Medicare Savings Program are based on your current month’s income. The Pharmaceutical Assistance Program income limits are based on annual income.

Medicare Savings Program

If your income is below average, you may qualify for help from the State of Connecticut. You may qualify to have the state pay your Medicare Part B premium. If your income is a little lower then the limits above, you may also qualify for help with prescription drugs.

Call me with questions about this program or complete this questionnaire to get more information.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

The Pharmacy Assistance Program will typically cover one expensive drug that would otherwise cause you a financial hardship.

It is a not a government program. It isn’t even one program. It is a collection of assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies for the drugs they manufacture. It is funded by grants and is subject to change at any time, especially if they run out of grant money.

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