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I’ll admit it. As a baby boomer, I’m not always happy when, with increasing frequency, I hear the word “slow” used to describe me.

But I’m proud of being a slow insurance agent.

You won’t find instant quotes for Medicare policies on my site.

What you’ll find is a five-page form with extra questions you won’t find on other sites.

After you answer all the questions you will have to wait an hour, or maybe a day, before you see an email from me in your inbox.


While you are waiting to hear from me, I’m:

  • Looking up your prescriptions to find plans with the lowest copays for your meds.
  • Researching the companies’ networks of providers, so you stay connected with the doctors you trust.
  • Flipping pages in the plan documents, to find the policy that fits you best.

If you really want instant quotes:

Here you go… there are three $0 monthly premium Medicare health plans in every county in Connecticut.

Is one of them a good fit for you or should you look at other options?

To answer that question, complete this long questionnaire and I’ll get to work. You will get the answers you need to choose a plan you

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