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Your day is finally over. You are sitting in a corner booth in your favorite restaurant.

You are too tired and irritated to drive home right now. Your shoulders are tight. Then the headache you thought you left behind at work comes back as you agonize over the menu

You smile at nobody in particular, as you realize any of your three favorite dishes will be perfect.

You flip an imaginary three-sided coin in your head. You smile again, this time at Cindy, as you tell her what you want. You hand her your menu.

As Cindy walks away, you breathe out and think, “that’s the last decision I’ll need to make today.”

Your shoulders are feeling better already. And your headache decides not to stick around.

Then you notice Cindy turn around, smile in your direction and walk back to your table. She asks if you want to stand in line for your food or wait in your booth.

You’re feeling better, so you ask Cindy to show you to the line.

You’re hungry, so you walk quickly to the line and almost bump into another patron as he’s being led to his table. When he turns to apologize, his green tie assaults your eyes. Then he walks away before you can tell him that it was probably your fault.

You’ve only been in line for sixty seconds and you feel the tension come back to your shoulders.

A few minutes later when your feet start to hurt, you wonder if you made the right choice.

You start shifting your weight from one sore foot to the other. It doesn’t help.

Then a very cute little girl prances through the door of the restaurant swinging her braids just so she can hear her hair beads go “clickety clack.” Her equally cute brother lifts his knees high. He’s the second in the parade. Their parents follow and ask for a table.

Ten more minutes pass. Then you recognize the aroma of the food you ordered the last time you were here.

You turn your head to watch Cindy walk past and bring food to ugly-green-tie guy.

Almost there. Only two people ahead of you.

Now it’s your turn. The server puts your food on your tray. It smells good.

You want to dive right in. But you can’t just yet.

You walk back to your booth after making a detour to get a fork, a spoon and some napkins.

There is the family with the two cute kids again.

The little boy says something you can’t make out. The whole family laughs.

As you get closer you see their half empty plates.

You’re back in your booth again. The food is just as good as you remembered it. Your shoulders feel good again. Your headache is gone.

All you need to do is pay the check and enjoy a relaxing post-rush hour drive home.

You hand Cindy your credit card.

When she starts to walk away you realize something.

“Cindy” you say.

She stops and turns around.

“Cindy, what did you say was the benefit of standing in line for my food.”

“I didn’t say, but if you want, I can tell you.” Cindy said.


Cindy steps closer.

She leans in. Her lips almost touch your ear as she starts to whisper.

“{% if subscriber.first_name %} {{ subscriber.first_name }}, the {% else %} The{% endif %} restaurant makes bigger profits if you serve yourself. You pay the prices on the menu either way.”

Cindy leaves… with your credit card.

Your headache returns… with a vengeance.

You will save money if you change your own oil or do your own taxes. (Unless you’re like me and drop a wrench in the wrong place or forget to enter all your business expenses.)

You won’t save money by serving yourself at Cindy’s full-service restaurant.

You won’t save money by choosing not to take advantage of an insurance broker’s services either. You will pay the prices “on the menu” either way.

When You Choose Me as Your Agent:

  • You can do as little or as much research as you choose.
  • You can ask me all your questions by email or phone.
  • You can ask for a recommendation or for a second opinion.

As an independent broker, who represents all Medicare health plans in 6 of 8 Connecticut counties and all but one in the state, I can recommend a plan for you after looking at all your options.

After You Make Your Decision:

You can “wait in your booth” while I take care of the enrollment paperwork.

My fees are built into the insurance company’s pricing whether you use my services or not. They pay me, you don’t. (Even if you choose a $0 monthly premium plan). They are the only ones who save money if you don’t use a broker.

Don’t let Medicare give you a headache. Call me, reply to this email, or complete this form to get your free recommendations. You will see not only the prices and benefits, but also the reasons why each plan may or may not be a good fit for you.

Don’t let Medicare give you a headache. Call me, reply to this email, or complete this form to get your free recommendations in an email that includes the prices and benefits of the plans I recommend for you.

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