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It is very clear. Ask any agent or other expert on the Medicare insurance plans available to Connecticut baby boomers. You will hear Medigap Plan F (Medicare Supplement Plan F) is the most solid, benefit-rich plan in every way.

No Medigap plan has better benefits for any individual medical service.

But let’s compare it to Medigap Plan G.

Plan G is identical to Plan F with one exception. Medigap Plan F will cover your Part B deductible. Medigap Plan G will not.

The Part B deductible is $183 in 2017. This is an annual deductible, not a per visit copay. So, it can only be paid once per calendar year.

Picture two identical new cars parked side-by-side in the dealer’s lot. The salesperson tells you both have the same engine, the same upholstery, the same warranty, the same transmission, etc.; everything is the same.

You notice that they are both painted your favorite color. You get behind the wheel of each one. They feel the same. They drive the same. They even smell the same.

The salesperson places $183 in fresh-from-the-bank-bills on the dashboard of one car to influence your decision.

How much extra would you pay for the car with the $183 bonus?

Certainly not more than 183!

$183 divided by 12 is $15.25. So, if a Medigap Plan F costs more than $15.25 per month than a Plan G, the Plan G plan is a better deal. It is a no brainer!

The lowest cost Medigap Plan F available in Connecticut in 2017 costs about $30 more per month than the lowest cost Medigap Plan G. The same, extremely well-known, company offers both plans.

Maybe they didn’t do the math! Or maybe they did, but didn’t think you would.

Medigap Plan G isn’t necessarily the best plan for you. Finding the best plan for your unique situation takes a little more arithmetic and research. (I can do most of this work for you.)

One of the other Medicare Supplement Plans or Medicare Advantage plans might fit you even better. You will be pleased to know most of my clients are very happy with $0 monthly premium plans. They benefits are surprisingly robust.

If you want me to look at all Medicare plans available in Connecticut on your behalf, weigh the benefits and prices and tell you which one my experience and research says is best for you, request CT Medicare insurance quotes and recommendations, or call me at (203) 374-3645.

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In 2017, no one should buy Medigap Plan F. It is over priced. Here is why one of the less popular plans including Medigap Plan G is always a better option.