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Best Medigap Plans in Connecticut for Medical Frequent Flyers It is clear which CT Medicare Supplement Plans have the best coverage. Ask any agent and she or he will tell you Plan F is the best of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut. It has the most solid protection, although it isn’t the most expensive plan.

Medigap Plan F | Medigap Plan G

It is very clear. Ask any agent or other expert on the Medicare insurance plans available to Connecticut baby boomers. You will hear Medigap Plan F (Medicare Supplement Plan F) is the most solid, benefit-rich plan in every way. No Medigap plan has better benefits for any individual medical service. But let’s compare it to

In 2017, no one should buy Medigap Plan F. It is over priced. Here is why one of the less popular plans including Medigap Plan G is always a better option.