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CT Medicare Savings Program can pay Medicare Part B

The CT Medicare Savings Program May Pay Your Part B Medicare Premium and Lower Your Copays

CT Medicare Savings Program 2017 Income Guidelines

If you’re single and your monthly income is under $2,472.30 or you’re married and your combined monthly income is under $3,328.38. If so, you probably qualify to have the State of Connecticut pay your Medicare Part B premium for you.

The standard Medicare Part B premium is $134 for 2017. It might be less if you enrolled in a previous year.

(This premium is usually deducted from Medicare enrollee’s Social Security checks. Many don’t realize they pay it.)

If you qualify for the CT Medicare Savings Program (CT MSP):

  • You will save $134 a month (less if you enrolled before 2017).
  • Your copays for most drugs will be lower.
  • Your copays for doctor visits may be lower.

Let me know if you want to see if you qualify for this program. I can answer your questions and help you enroll. (This is not an insurance product, but helping people enroll in this program is one of the free services you can get from me.)

You can enroll in this program any time of the year. There is no open enrollment period to be concerned about.

There are no asset questions. The value of your house or other assets won’t keep you from qualifying.

Do you have a relative who might qualify for this program? They can benefit even if they have been on Medicare for years.

If you think you qualify for this program, contact me. If your uncle might qualify, have him call. This program can save you $1,608 a year (based on the 2017 Part B premium). Plus you could save as much or more on prescription copays!

If you answer the optional income question when you request recommendations for Medicare insurance from me, you will get information about the CT Medicare Savings Program if I think you might qualify.

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Connecticut has programs for low income Medicare beneficiaries that many are unaware of. See if you qualify to have the State of Connecticut pay your Medicare Part B premium or for lower drug copays.