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Too many Connecticut Medicare plans?

I hear how confusing Medicare is every day. A big part of what I do as an agent, is help lift the Medicare fog and make a slippery subject easier to grasp.

You don’t have to explore the Connecticut Medicare landscape alone. I can help you see all your options and get a good handle on them. I can help you see which ones will be best for you and why.

Before I outline the process I use, be aware I can help you make a choice after a short phone call. I will ask you a few questions, research the plans for you and call you back with my recommendations. Or you can answer the questions online and get my suggestions by email.

However, you should see the steps in case you want to go through them on your own.

The Worst Plans for You – Crossing Them Off Your List

So, if you feel there are too many CT Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplement plans, the first thing to do is eliminate “your worst plans.” I say “your” because the worst plans for you may not be the worst plans for your neighbor.

The reason I just invested two weeks studying the 2018 CT Medicare Advantage Plans and Medigap plans is because there is no “best” plan that is best for everyone who will ask for my help in the months ahead.

Two Important Coverage Questions

  • Do you need to see doctors who are not in any insurer’s network?
  • Do you spend enough time away from home that you will need to see a doctor in Florida or another state for routine visits?

Don’t worry about needing emergency care when away from home. All options cover emergency visits in any state. Many options include emergency care outside of the United States as well.

Your State of Connecticut medicare options include two types of health plans. However, if you say “yes” to either question, you should eliminate all Medicare Advantage plans from consideration. This leaves 11 plans on the board.

If None of the CT Medicare Advantage Plans Are Not a Good Fit for You

The next important question is “How much medical care do you think you will use in the next year?”

Here is where we can reduce your list of plans even further. There are three Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans I like for individuals who expect to have high medical bills. There are two to consider if you believe you are unlikely to need much care.

The main difference in these plans is how they cover relatively minor costs, like doctor visits. All plans cover catastrophic situations very well. This includes extended hospital stays. Some do a better job covering the small stuff.

Once you know the letter designation for the Medicare Supplement Plan(s) you like, the rest is easy.

You will just need to select a company. All “Part G” plans, for example, have the same benefits as any other Part G plan offered by any insurer, except for ancillary stuff like Silver Sneakers.

Unlike the CT Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap plans are standardized. There are only eleven plans sold in the state. A limited number of options are sold by many different insurance companies.

At this point, you can determine which of the companies you trust offers the plan letter(s) you like. Then select the company with the lowest price that has the ancillary benefits you want.

CT Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

If you decide to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan, you probably need a drug plan as well. This blog post will help you find a CT Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. You will be able to easily find best Medicare Part D plans for 2017 by following the steps. You will see how to check the formulary or list of covered drugs as well as the monthly premiums. (2018 Part D plan information, including prices and benefits will be published in October.)

The same prescription drug plans for seniors are also available to Medicare beneficiaries under age 65.

If a Medicare Advantage Plan is an Option

  1. Eliminate plans that do not include all your doctors in their network (or at least the most important ones).
  2. Eliminate plans that do not cover all your drugs (or at least the expensive ones).

No Bad Choices

So now, instead of randomly choosing between all the girls or boys who play your favorite college sport, you’ve got a short list of the All Americans to choose from.

Selecting the best plan from the short list is much harder but much less necessary. (Reach out to me when you want help.)

There should be no bad choices left on your short list of plans.

Connect with me if you want my help selecting the best Connecticut Medicare plan for you. You can reach me by phone.

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Do you feel there are too many Connecticut Medicare plans? Choosing between all the CT Medicare Advantage Plans and CT Supplement Plans and drug plans can be difficult. Here's now to make it easier.