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Medigap dangers

It may sound strange to hear an agent admit he rarely recommends the best plan, but it’s true. I rarely do.

The most comprehensive Medigap plan offered in Connecticut is very solid and is offered by a well-known carrier. I represent the company and the policy is a very good one.

So, why do I rarely see fit to recommend it?

The same company, and another insurer just as well-known, has Medigap plans that will save you one third to one half in monthly premiums. These plans that have, in my opinion, eighty to ninety percent of the benefits of the best one. There are also several $0 monthly premium plans that can cover you surprisingly well.

In another words, when compared to plans one step down from Plan F, the best plan costs can cost twice as much for only 25% in extra benefits. For some people with certain medical conditions, that is a good deal. But is it a good deal for you?

If you ask to see the best plan, we will probably talk about one or two of these other options as well.

The cost of the right, verses the best, plan could mean you pay $35,000 more than you should every ten years. This can add up to $70,000 more for you and your spouse.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Nor do I want you to ever be underinsured.

You should walk away with the best plan FOR YOU, but not necessarily the best plan for the average Connecticut resident, your neighbor, or even your spouse.

Finding the best fit for you takes more work, but I’ll do most of this work for you.

When you ask for my help enrolling in your Medigap plan I want you to enjoy a warm feeling deep in your bank account.

But first, I’ll need to ask you more than a few questions.

  • I’ll ask about your prescriptions. So, you can look at plans with the lowest copays for your meds.
  • I’ll ask about your doctors. So, you can stay connected with doctors you trust.
  • I’ll ask how often you expect to need medical care. So, you aren’t underinsured or overcharged.
  • If you choose to share your income with me, I’ll tell you if you are eligible for other government programs.

When you request recommendations from me online or by phone, expect to answer more questions than other agents might ask, and do not expect an instant response.

A computer program can tell you the lowest price.

A blog post can show you the best plan.

Neither can connect all your dots and weigh all your unique variables and find the best plan FOR YOU.

To get your emailed recommendations tomorrow, request quotes and recommendations from me online today, or call me at (203) 374-3645 now.

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Alston J. Balkcom

“ Connecticut-licensed insurance agent since 1985.”

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The best Medigap plan, may not be the best plan for you.