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CT Medicare Advantage, $0 Premium Plan

A $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plan is very attractive to many. For others sounds too good to be true. Many just have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept. But there are several low cost Medigap and Advantage plans to residents of the State of Connecticut. Medicare enrollees have options that others do not.

Over 83% of our Connecticut Medicare-eligible clients who are eligible for Medicare will enroll in one of these plans. A no premium health insurance plan sounds good to many, even when they can afford more expensive plans.

There are three Medicare Health Plans with zero premiums available in every county in Connecticut.

You won’t be told that your income or assets makes $0 premium plans unavailable to you. These are not to be confused with zero premium health insurance plans available through Connecticut’s HUSKY or Medicaid program. Those plans are primarily available to state residents with low income.

Are $0 Monthly Premium Medicare Advantage Plans Free?

Agents are warned against saying $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plans are free, because most consumers will have to pay for Medicare Part B to qualify for any $0 premium Advantage plan.

Even though you may pay nothing to your Medicare Advantage insurance company, stating your policy is free can be misleading. Also, there is no guarantee that the premiums will stay the same for the Medicare advantage plans in CT. 2017 rates won’t change, but 2018 will have new policies and premiums changes for some existing policies.

In 2017, most new Medicare enrollees will pay $134 a month to the Federal Government for their red, white and blue Medicare card to indicate that they have Part B.

Are $0 Monthly Premium Medicare Health Plans Any Good?</ h2>

All Medicare Advantage Plans offered in Connecticut cover doctor and hospital bills, typically after a small copay or other cost share. This is true for $0 premium plans also. Almost all Connecticut Medicare Health Plans cover prescription costs. This is also true of the $0 monthly premium Medicare Advantage Plans.

The copays for most services are very reasonable. They are often comparable favorable to plans large companies offer to employees who are under age 65.

< h2>Why aren’t the premiums higher on $0 Monthly Premium Medicare Advantage Plans?</ h2>

You have heard that “There is no free lunch.” This is no exception. If you have worked in the United States for ten years or more and paid payroll taxes, you have prepaid for much of the cost of Medicare including some 0 premium health insurance options.

When you decide to use a Medicare Advantage Policy instead of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, the government is no longer responsible for your medical bills until and request that your coverage is changed. Your Medicare Advantage company will receive money from the federal government for every Medicare enrollee they insure. When a private company reduces the number of potential claims the government will have to pay, they get compensated. The compensation is enough that some carriers offer $0 premium plans.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for a Zero Premium Medicare Health Plan?</ h2>

If your doctor or other important providers are not in the network for a plan that plan won’t be a good fit for you. However, chances are one of the $0 premium plans will have all your doctors their network. If none of the CT Medicare Advantage plans include your doctor in their network, you should consider Medicare Supplement Plan.

A similar statement should be made about prescription drugs. Although we will probably be able to find a plan that covers all your drugs, we should look at the formulary (list of covered drugs) before you make a final decision.

If a $0 Monthly Premium Medicare Advantage Plan isn’t a good fit for you, we can look at the other Medicare Advantage Plans offered in Connecticut. If you don’t like what you hear about those plans, we should be able to help you find a Medicare Supplement Plan that you will be comfortable with.

(There are no Medicare Supplement Plans with no premiums. Nor are there standalone zero premium Medicare part D policies. Fortunately most Advantage plans include coverage for Part D drugs.)

What are best Medicare Advantage Plans in CT?

Certainly some plans are better than others, but the question we ask is not “which are the best Medicare advantage plans in CT?” I will take the time to understand your situation, research the options available to you and look for that fits your circumstances best.

And if you choose me to serve as your agent, we will go through the same process next year and review the Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement Plans in CT to find the the right plan and help you switch if necessary.

< h2>How Can You Find Out More?</ h2>

Let’s see if a $0 premium policy fits your budget and your medical needs. Call me or request information for $0 Monthly Premium Medicare Advantage Plan. You will also get information on other CT Medicare Advantage Plans as well as the Medicare Supplements available in Connecticut.

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Connecticut has several Medicare Advantage Plans with $0 monthly premiums. Is one a good fit for you?