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Compared to Medigap Plan F, neither Medigap Plan N nor Plan K will not cover you as well. However, due to their lower cost, one may be a better option for you and other Medicare Enrollees in Connecticut. Plan N may cost you $80 to $100 less per month when compared to Plan F, but it covers almost as much. Plan K covers even less but will save you even more.

No CT Medigap plan has network restrictions. Policyholders of these plans can visit any doctor who accepts Medicare. You will be able to see almost any doctor who practices in the United States in or outside of the State of Connecticut.

Medicare plans with network restrictions will cover you if you have a medical emergency while visiting your aunt in Wyoming. So for many people who only plan to have brief stays outside of their network area, these plans can be a good fit.

Few of us plan to see a doctor for a scheduled visit when away from home so not having these visits covered will have little impact. But medical emergencies which cannot be predicted are covered even by plans with network restrictions.

However, if you spend your winters in California you may need to see a doctor for a routine visit or need treatment for an issue that is not considered a medical emergency, a plan with network restrictions may not be in your best interest, unless that plan’s network includes California.

Medigap Plan N and Plan K  are Solid Options.

I’m a big advocate of $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plans. Their low cost makes the very attractive. The benefits cover most expenses in hospitals, doctor offices and pharmacies.  But they do have network restrictions.

For this reason, even though I recommend them to about 90% of my new clients, they aren’t a good fit for all my clients in Connecticut.

Medicare Advantage Plans have network restrictions and that makes some people feel uncomfortable even we look for and find all their doctors in the network of a given plan. Even after they hear that the network restrictions are waived for medical emergencies or see how easy it is to change plans during any Annual Enrollment Period.

If we cannot find all your important doctors or providers in the network of any one insurer, or the network restrictions concern you for other reasons, a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap Plan), is your best alternative.

As covered in the last post about CT Medicare Plan F, it is the best non-network plan. However, it may not be the best deal for you when you consider all the facts including the monthly premiums you will have to pay.

I question if you get an extra dollars’ worth of coverage for every extra dollar you spend.

There several CT Medicare supplement plans to compare including two alternatives to consider that do not have network restrictions.  These are also Medicare Supplement Plans. No supplement plan has network restrictions.

CT Medigap Plan N Compares Well to Plan F

Medigap Plan N is very similar to Plan F. But this plan is typically priced $80 to $100 less per month when compared to a competitively priced Medicare Plan F, but they cover almost as much.

Unlike Plan F, you will be responsible for the Part B deductible once per year, a $20 copay for each doctor visit and a $50 copay for any emergency room visit. Otherwise the coverage is identical to a Medigap Plan F. (Costs and copays listed are for 2017.)

The Part B deductible is $183 in 2017. So, the money you save in two months just about covers that. The only other costs you would have with a Plan N that you wouldn’t have with a Plan F are the copays listed above. So, as long as feel your doctor and ER visits copays will total less than $1,000 over the course of the year, Plan N may be a better value for you than Medigap Plan F.

CT Medigap Plan K Covers Less, but Costs Much Less Than a Medigap Plan F

Plan K covers less, you may save $180 ($2,160) or more per month when compared to a Medicare Plan F.

Plan F covers all approved costs in the hospital that Medicare Part A does not unless your stay goes well over 365 days. Since it has no network restrictions, you will get the same coverage for both emergency and routine medical care and treatment whether you are in or outside Connecticut. Medigap Plan K provides similar coverage, after you pay half of the part A deductible ($658 in 2017). Your deductible is paid only once per benefit period.

For more information on CT Medigap Plan F and Plan N you can call or email me or view a benefit chart of medicare supplement plans on

You may be wondering “which medicare supplement plan is best for me?” I can help you find the right plan. Make a list of your doctors and prescriptions and then contact me. I can check to see if a plan with a network is a good fit for you, answer your questions and give you a recommendation. To get your free no obligation Request Medicare insurance quotes on this site.

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Compared to Medigap Plan F, neither CT Medigap Plan N nor Plan K will not cover you as well. However, due to their lower cost, they may be better options for Medicare Enrollees in Connecticut.