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Medicare Supplement Plans in CT

2 Best Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans if You are Super Healthy

If you want to enroll in one of the Medicare Supplement Plans in CT and rarely need a doctor’s care, you probably want to hear about the Medigap policies with the absolute lowest cost that can provide strong firewall of financial protection if you have medical catastrophe.

(You should also look at Medicare prescription drug plans since no Medigap plan covers Part D drugs.)

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Plans in CT

Before you determine which of the 11 Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans is best for you, we should see if a Medicare Advantage Plan will meet your needs.

Several companies offer these 11 plans, but they are standardized. (A Medigap Plan N will have the same benefits regardless of the insurer you purchase it from.)

Medicare Advantage Plans tend to be less expensive than Medicare Supplement plans. They are very popular and do not require you to select one of the medicare prescription drug plans to have your medicines covered. However, they have network restrictions you may be uncomfortable with. Chances are we can find one that has all your physicians in their network, but sometimes we can’t or you may not like managed care. If either is the case, you may be interested in this post or in reading about the top 3 Medicare Supplements if you have a lot of medical bills.

2 Best Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans…

…if you are super healthy

After all, even a trim, fit gray-haired Olympian god or goddess could be hit by a kale truck on the jog home from the organic farmers market.

So even if you don’t expect to never see a doctor again outside of social setting, you probably want coverage for catastrophic events you cannot prepare for or prevent. You probably also want to look at plans that have the lowest possible monthly premium.

There are two plans that fit these criteria very nicely. The first is a Medigap plan F with a high deductible. The second is Medigap Plan K.

The virtues of these plans include:

  • Very low monthly premiums
  • No network restrictions
  • Catastrophic coverage

These two Medigap plans cost less than any others. You could pay 75% less for either of these plans even after doing the best Medicare supplement plan F rate comparison and selecting lowest premium option.

You will have the freedom to get treatment from any doctor who accepts Medicare with any Medicare Supplement plan. This is the biggest reason people choose to pay more for these plans. You get this freedom even on the lowest cost options on the list of Medicare Supplement Plans in CT.

Both Medigap K and high deductible Medigap Plan F provide excellent catastrophic coverage.

You will be responsible for the full Medicare Part A hospital deductible of $1,316 (in 2017) if you select a high deductible Plan F, and half of the deductible if you decide on a Plan K. However, both plans will cover you for over a year in the hospital. Both plans can pay millions of dollars of treatments outside the hospital as well.

About High Deductible Medigap Plan F

At first blush, this plan appears to offer much less coverage than the other plans. The 2017 Medigap rates in Connecticut show it has lower rates than any other plan, so it is easy to be fooled into thinking this plan provides even less coverage than it does.

The easiest mistake to make is to assume the $2,200 deductible (for 2017) applies to Original Medicare benefits.

Medicare Part B will start paying for 80% of the approved amounts of your expenses incurred in the doctor’s office after you have met the $183 annual Part B deductible. The $2,200 deductible impacts when or if your Supplement starts paying the 20%, but has no impact on how Original Medicare covers your expenses.

Something similar happens in the hospital. Medicare Part A will pay for a hospital stay after you have paid the $1,316 hospital deductible (in 2017). The $2,200 deductible impacts whether your supplement pays towards that hospital deductible.

After you or your supplement pays the Part A deductible, Medicare will pay your other costs unless and until you are in the hospital for more than 60 days during a benefit period. The supplement deductible has no impact on this.

About Medicare Supplement Plan K

Plan K offers better first dollar coverage than high deductible Plan F. It covers half of the Part A hospital deductible. In 2017, this means you will pay only the first $658 of a hospital stay. Even if that continues until the end of the year.

In the doctor’s office, you will be responsible for the Part B doctor’s deductible, but thereafter no more than 10% of approved amounts. After you have met the Medigap Plan K out of pocket maximum of $5,120, all approved amounts will be covered by either the plan or by Medicare.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

If you decide to purchase one of the Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans, you should also enroll in drug plan. No Medigap plan will cover drugs, but most Advantage plans will. We can help you by researching the best Medicare part d plans for 2017 on your behalf.

More Information about Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans

To for more information about theses and the other plans, you can view this benefit chart of Medicare Supplement plans on or call me, Alston at 203-374-3645.

I can investigate which Medicare Advantage plans include your doctor in their network, check your prescriptions against the Medicare part D formulary for the various carriers and answer your question “Which Medicare supplement plan is best for me?” by email when you request recommendations for Connecticut Medicare Supplement plans from this site.

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What are Best 2 Connecticut Medicare Supplement Plans for you if you rarely visit doctors? These low cost options can protect you against catastrophic medical events.