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If I were still blessed with the earthly presence of my mother, I’d like to think she would buy her Medicare Plan from me. But maybe not. I doubt she ever forgot my irresponsible teen age years. And my irresponsible teen age years extended into my twenties. But mom was very forgiving so she’d probably

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Question 1 – Are My Doctors in the Network of the Medicare Plan? This is a big one, especially if you have a health condition. If your doctor does not accept your plan you will probably wind up paying the full price for his or her services. When checking to see if your doctors are

Medicare Prescription Drug Store

You may know that neither Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, nor any currently sold Medicare Supplement covers prescription drugs, at least not the typical prescription drugs a pharmacist from Walgreens is likely to put into a pill bottle and hand you. But that is not the piece of information that shocked me. You can

Medicare Part B Costs Too High? If you are enrolled in Medicare, you probably pay for Medicare Part B. Unless your state is paying it for you, you pay quarterly or your monthly social security check is being reduced by the amount of your premium.. You are probably paying $134 or less monthly or $402