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If you are a Connecticut Medicare enrollee, you cannot be denied a Medicare Supplement Plan. At least not based on your having a medical condition. This includes cancer, heart disease and AIDS.

You can be denied a Medicare Advantage plan. Your application will ask about one medical condition.


ESRD or end state renal disease is the one condition. ESRD is kidney disease requiring dialysis or a transplant. There is no question about cancer, not even the deadliest cancers.

You can be denied for a Medicare Advantage plan, but not a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap plans) are designated by letters. A Plan F is a Medigap plan. Medicare Advantage Plans have names, not letters.

(It is easy to confuse the Parts of Medicare, with the Medicare Supplement Plans. But use letters. Medigap policies are Plans A through N. Medicare consists of Parts A through D.)

You cannot be forced to switch plans because of your medical history.


Your medical history is much less important than your medical future.

What is important is how much you are likely to pay in copays and other out-of-pocket expenses. If you feel you’d pay more in copays with a less expensive plan than the money you’d save in monthly premiums, the more expensive plan might be a better option.

The best plan is the one that has the lowest overall costs. This means the monthly cost of the policy, plus the total of any out-of-pocket expenses. Often one of the plans with the lowest overall cost is the plan with the lowest monthly cost but not always.

When you’re ready, reach out to me if you want help estimating your potential expenses with the different policies available to you. This includes Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare part d). You can ask medicare a question by calling me at 203-374-3645.

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