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Connecticut Medicare – Is Your Doctor in Network

Surprises can make you smile when the surprise is a gift or a kiss from your grandbaby.

Getting a doctor’s bill you didn’t expect isn’t nearly as much fun.

This can happen if you see doctors who are not in your plan’s network. You will probably pay the full cost for the visit instead of just a copay.

How to Check the Network of Doctors

(If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan instead of a Medicare Advantage Plan. You do not have network restrictions. Medicare Supplement Plans are designated by letters and generally have monthly premiums over $100. If you have a plan that costs less, you probably have an Advantage plan. If you have an Advantage plan you do have network restrictions.)

You can look up doctors by visiting my site.

Or if you prefer…

Please call me at (203) 374-3645. I’d love to talk with you and will be happy to help you look for a specific doctor or find a local doctor who accepts your plan.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Network Restrictions if…

  • You have a Medicare Supplement Plan and you seek care in the United States.
    (Virtually all US doctors will accept Original Medicare and your Medicare Supplement Plan.)
  • You need emergency medical care.
    All plans will cover emergency care in the US. Some will cover emergency care worldwide.)

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