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If you value the freedom to visit any doctor who accepts Medicare over the substantial difference in monthly premium, you may see a Medicare Supplement plan in your future.

Most of my clients tell me they want one of the $0 premium Medicare Advantage Plans, however, although these plans offer a surprising amount of coverage, they aren’t for everyone.

A Medicare Supplement Plan May Be a Better Option for You If:

  • You need the extra coverage you can only get from a Medicare Supplement
  • Your important doctors cannot be found in any one network
  • You will need non-emergency care while traveling outside Connecticut
  • You want to have all your options open if you ever need treatment from the nation’s best doctor or hospital

Coverage Differences

Medicare Advantage plans are often more than adequate even for those who need a little more medical treatment than the average Medicare enrollee. On the other hand, if your medical expenses far exceed the average, I might recommend a Medicare Supplement Plan N or Plan G.

However, the difference in coverage isn’t usually the reason I recommend a Supplement over an Advantage plan. The reason usually involves access to the doctors my clients trust.

Doctor Network Issues

If your doctors can be found in the network of a Medicare Advantage Plan and that plan will cover your prescriptions with low copays, I’ll probably show that plan.

If you will need to see doctors outside the network, we will probably talk about Medicare Supplement options.

How Much More Does a Medicare Supplement Cost?

The best Medicare Supplement plans have premiums of over $200 in 2017. When you add the cost of a prescription drug plan, your cost will be very close to $250.

Many Medicare Advantage Plans have $0 monthly premiums. Most policies, including most $0 premium plans, cover prescription drugs also.

Please note: Unless you qualify to have the State of Connecticut pay your Medicare Part B premium, you will pay an additional $134 to the federal government each month regardless of your choice of plan. (A high-income earner may pay more.)

You Can Change Your Mind!

Although, you will probably need to wait until the next open enrollment period to change from a Medicare Advantage policy to a Supplement (Medigap) plan, you can switch. You can enroll in a new plan between October 15th and December 7th and have the change be effective the following January.

Do You Want My help?

I can help you by answering your questions about either type of plan. I can help you enroll in the Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage of you choosing.

Please respond to this email or call me with any questions.

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