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CT Medicare Part D plan

Finding the best CT Medicare part D plan for your needs can be a very straightforward process so long as your medication needs don’t change during the year.

We Simply Research the Medicare Drug Plans…

…to find the one with lowest total monthly costs.

This is the same principle to use with all other types of insurance, but there are fewer variables to consider when comparing Part D Prescription Drug Plans. There is some, but much less, guesswork involved.

Anticipating, for example, when someone will become disabled or have an auto accident is a lot more difficult. You may never have a car accident. I may have one tomorrow. Even if as of today, we have the same driving record. Chances are the medicines you need will change more slowly.

To determine which plan will have the lowest monthly costs for you is simply a matter of adding the monthly copays (or other cost shares) for your drugs and the monthly premium for each plan. Then picking the one with the lowest total.

There are two wrinkles, however, that you may not have though of. We must take into consideration the Part D coverage gap or “donut hole.” Also different pharmacies can charge you different amounts for the same drug.

Researching the costs of each policy, and the copays local pharmacies will charge is one of the free services I provide for you when you request recommendations from me (see link below).

If you want to do it yourself, or want to double check my work, has an easy to use tool you can use to compare drug plans.  You will see the steps to take in this free guide: 3 Little-Known Ways to Save on Medical Costs Without Changing Medicare Policies

If you want me to research the policies, the doctor networks and the prescription drug copays the Medicare drug plans in Connecticut will charge you, request recommendations for CT Medicare Health Plans from me.

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Finding the best CT medicare part d plan for your needs is easy so long as your medication needs don't change during the year.