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dental coverage for seniors | Dental Insurance in Connecticut

Dental Coverage for Seniors | Dental Insurance in Connecticut

Medicare and Dental Insurance in Connecticut

Medicare Part A offers a very limited amount of dental care. This is limited to treatment in the hospital for emergency or complicated dental procedures. Medicare Part A to won’t pay for you to sit in your dentist’s chair for a scheduled visit.

Dental care for seniors without insurance can be costly and Medicare is not likely to pay for any visits to your dentist. No Medicare Supplement offered in Connecticut includes any dental coverage for seniors. Medicare Advantage dental insurance options are only a little better. Several Medicare Advantage Plans will cover a preventive visit once per year.

But if you want help paying for fillings or root canals or any other dental procedure you will need a separate plan.

Dental Insurance Sale?

Before we go further, I want to make this crystal clear. Insurance is never on sale. I don’t want you to walk away with the impression that this email is about the one historic exception to the rule. I don’t mean to say, it is rarely on sale; it is never on sale.

Our insurance rates are filed with the Connecticut Insurance Department. I think the rates are chiseled in stone each year and stored on the top of a mountain somewhere near Hartford. I’ve heard the old rates are jack hammered into pebbles then in the dead of night driven to Avon and scattered in random driveways, but I think that is a rumor.

Rumor or not, if you chose to buy policy B from Company A with XYZ riders your rates will be the same, no matter where or when you buy that policy, at least until the rates are refiled and re-chiseled.

Whether you buy your next insurance policy with my help, from another independent broker, by mail or on the Internet, so long as you choose the same policy with the same options, you will see the same monthly premium on your paperwork.

The reason you should buy your insurance from me, or whoever you decide to purchase from, is because you are confident you will get better advice, service and/or selection from me (or him or her) than you would get elsewhere.

Let’s pretend the same rules applied to cars and my goal is to be the world’s best car salesperson. (Not best because I sell the most cars, but best because I have the most satisfied clients.)

Since I can’t offer you a better (or worse) price than anyone else, I study cars day and night. I work hard to learn which cars are safest, which ones can carry the most people, which are the most comfortable or fun to drive, which ones can carry the most stuff and which ones have the best gas mileage. And whenever a new car is manufactured, I race to get the information before anyone else.

Since the law stops me from offering anyone a better price on any car, I become the best match maker I can be. I ask more questions than the other car sales people and help people buy the car they will be happiest with six months and even six years down the road. And as my clients’ needs change, I make sure that it is easy to trade in for a model that fits who they are today.


Enough about insurance regulations and cars. It’s time I delivered on the promise of the headline.

Dental Coverage for Seniors in Connecticut – Your Options

The Dental Plans Sale Ends August 9th 2017 at Midnight Eastern Standard Time

The Dental Plans program is a dental discount plan. It is not a dental insurance plan. Think of it as a Costco or Price Club membership for dental care.

If you choose one of their plans, you will probably pay most of your dentist’s bill, but you may get healthy discount that more than justifies the low cost of the dental discount plan.

Dental Discounts Plans have these advantages:

  • Very Low Cost
  • No Waiting Periods

You won’t find a dental insurance with no waiting period for root canal procedures that you can purchase as an individual. If you need treatment right away, a dental discount plan may be a better option for you than a dental insurance plan.

For rates and benefit information: Dental Plans Sale ends August 9th

About True Dental Insurance

When my clients ask about dental insurance, I generally recommend one of the policies Cigna offers. In my opinion, they have the best individual dental insurance policies in Connecticut. These are insurance policies and therefore are not on sale. You will probably think the monthly premium is reasonable, but expect to pay more than you would for a discount plan.

Cigna will pay all or most of the cost of many dental procedures.

All their plans can cover your cleanings and preventive care exams with:

  • no copays
  • no deductible
  • no waiting period

Their two better plans also cover fillings, extractions and even root canals. You will have copays or other cost shares for these other services. You will also have a waiting period before these services are covered unless you have dental insurance currently and switch to Cigna without a lapse in coverage.

For rates and benefit information: Dental Insurance Policies from Cigna

Other Types of Insurance You Can Get Through Me

I specialize in helping Connecticut baby boomers (like myself) enroll in Medicare health plans. I also offer other types of coverage including:

Call me when you have any questions about any of the above including dental insurance for seniors on Medicare.

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You won't find much dental coverage for seniors from Medicare or a Supplement plan. You can get Dental Insurance in Connecticut from a separate policy. Dental discount plans are also available.