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Best Medigap Plans in Connecticut for Medical Frequent Flyers

It is clear which CT Medicare Supplement Plans have the best coverage. Ask any agent and she or he will tell you Plan F is the best of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut. It has the most solid protection, although it isn’t the most expensive plan. Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan N, finish the race in second and third place respectively.

Making the right choice about CT Medigap Plans can have a huge impact on your finances, especially if you will need an above average amount of medical treatment.

The three plans listed below are the most comprehensive. However, if you want to see all plans, take a look this comparison of the CT Medigap Plans. You will find information about all plans offered in Connecticut in 2017.`

3 Best CT Medicare Supplement Plans if You Need a Lot of Medical Care

  • Medigap Plan F
  • Medigap Plan G
  • Medigap Plan N

CT Medicare Supplement Plans verses Medicare Advantage Plans

Please note that this post compares CT Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) with other Medigap Plans in Connecticut. It is very possible that one of the Medicare Advantage plans might be a better fit for your medical expenses and your budget.

The biggest differences between the two types of insurance coverage include:

  • None of the CT Medicare Supplement Plans covers drugs
  • Most of the Advantage plans do cover prescriptions
  • Medicare Advantage plans do not have network restrictions

In a future blog post, I will compare the benefits of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut with the Medicare Advantage or Part C options available to you.

Medigap Plans in Connecticut

You will need a Medicare Drug Plan

The three plans discussed below have the most robust and complete coverage of all Medigap plans. However, none of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut (at least none currently sold) provides coverage for Part D drugs. You will need a separate Medicare drug plan if you purchase a Medigap plan unless you get prescription coverage elsewhere like from the Veterans Administration.

Medigap Plan F

A combination of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and a Medicare Plan F will cover all your hospital expenses and all your doctor visit costs in virtually all situations. None of the other Medigap Plans in Connecticut are as comprehensive.

Even though this plan is the best, I recommend the two options listed below more often. Plan F is a great plan, but Medigap Plan F is over-priced for 2017 and I don’t currently recommend it.

What Plan F Covers in the Hospital

This plan fully covers your Part A (hospital) deductible and all the Medicare Part A copays. If any given hospital service is approved by Medicare, Plan F will cover any portion of the bill, that would otherwise be your responsibility, for a hospital stay of over a year.

What Plan F Covers in the Doctor’s Office

This plan will cover your Part B (doctor’s office) deductible plus the 20% coinsurance plus the additional 15% that doctors are allowed to charge over and above what Medicare approves. This would come out of your pocket if you did not have coverage besides Medicare.

Full Coverage

Part F will cover you more completely than any other Medigap Plan.

The above is a short description of the benefits of this plan. You can view a benefit chart of medicare supplement plans on all Medigap Plans in Connecticut

Medigap Plan G

Plan G covers everything Medicare Plan F covers, which is virtually everything, except for the Part B deductible. This deductible is $183 per year in 2017.

You can pay this deductible nor more than once per year. So long as we can find a Plan G with a premium that is $183 per year less expensive than a Plan F, Plan G is clearly a better option.

However, I usually recommend the third of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut listed in this post.

Medigap Plan N

This plan will give you the least coverage when compared to the other CT Medicare Supplement Plans listed in this post, but it may be your best option. The value per dollar makes this a better deal for many.

If you expect to have four or more monthly doctor visits on average, a Plan G may be a better deal. If you need a lot of medical care, but you needs to not reach that level this plan may be the best of the Medigap Plans in Connecticut for you.

Plan F covers everything that Plan F covers with four exceptions You will be responsible for the Part B deductible. You will have a $20 copay for each doctor visit, whether your doctor is a specialist or is your primary care provider. You will have a $50 copay if you visit the emergency room. If your doctor is one of the 30% who do not accept assignment you will up to 15% of the Medicare approved amount for his or her services.

All Three Options Listed Above Will Cover You Well

Plan F has the best coverage, but Plan G will insure you almost as well and clearly offers more value per dollar. Plan N offers less coverage than G, but will be a better buy for some.

Which Medigap Plan is Best for You?

To get prices and benefit information on the plans best suited for you, I will need some information from you. Complete our questionnaire if you want me to send you recommendations for CT Medigap Plans by email. I’ll research the plans and show you the options my research says are best for your unique situation.

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