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Medicare drug plans in Connecticut

Late last year, I sat at the dining room table of a couple I’ve helped for the last several years with their CT Medicare Advantage policies. Mr. C is 75. He still drives a limousine. Mrs. C always has a smile on her face and in her eyes. She doesn’t look it (maybe because of her ever-present smile), but she is old enough to qualify for Medicare as well.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with them many times and they have shared some of their unique story with me.

And while they are unique in many ways, they are like a lot of us in many others. They make too much to get extra help from any government program, but not enough to live comfortably without being thoughtful about money, even though both continue to work past age 65.

I went through my usual routine. I asked about their doctors and medicines. Then I carefully researched all Medicare Health Plans available in their county (I represent all of them) and found what I thought was the best Medicare policy. But…

I was disappointed. The best policy for them was the one I helped them enroll in the year before. So, I felt like there was nothing I could do to lower their costs. The drug coverage on the best plan had high copays for their prescription medicines.

I started moving my right index finger towards the power button of my laptop. Suddenly without telling it to, my finger froze in mid-air.

An idea interrupted my thoughts. This idea saved him $479.22. It saved her $715.28. Are you wondering how much you might save?

I made small talk while I did some research. I didn’t want to let them know what I was doing because I didn’t think it would save them any money.

I was so shocked when at what my laptop showed me, I repeated the steps two more times before I shared this information with them.

Lowering Drug Costs without Changing Your CT Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

I was able to save them more money by suggesting they switch drug stores than by helping the switch insurance policies. Insurance companies often have arrangements with certain pharmacies that can mean a big difference to you if you take several expensive medications.

Mr. C would have paid about $600 in copayments if he stuck with his old pharmacy. His old pharmacy was CVS. By moving to Walgreens, he saved $479.22. So, his costs went from about $500 to about $120. Mrs. C saved $715.28 by making the same change. Her costs went from about $807 to $192.

(Walgreens is very competitive in 2017, but for certain drugs CVS or another pharmacy will have a better price.)

To see if you can lower your prescription costs using this tactic, you can either — call me at (203) 374-3645 or visit Then click the green button that says “Find Health and Drug Plans.” Answer the questions. Enter your drug information and select two local pharmacies. Your plan’s mail order option will show automatically and you will be able to easily compare the cost of all three options after just a few more clicks. Repeat the last steps of the process to check the costs of two other pharmacies if you’d like.

The strategy outlined above may work to lower your costs if you have a CT Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) also. The pharmacy you visit from can make a big difference whether you get your drug coverage from CT Medicare Advantage Plan or a CT PDP.

If you want my recommendation for a CT Prescription Drug Plan and Medigap plan but also CT Medicare Advantage plans, request CT Medicare Advantage quote on this site.

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How seniors can lower their prescription drug plan without changing their CT Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.