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I’ve watched this situation unfold several times. The most recent example was with Denise and her mother.

I sat across Denise’s kitchen table as we answered each other questions. After I learned enough about her to make a recommendation for a CT Medicare insurance option, I helped her look over the her CT Medicare Advantage Plan I thought was the best fit for her.

I stopped talking when I realized Denise was more focused on the booklet than my commentary. When I leaned back, she took the “Summary of Benefits” in both hands read silently.

When she started to speak, I expected her to tell me if she felt the plan was a good fit for her. Instead I heard her say plan would save — her mother — a lot of money.

Before I had a chance to respond, she followed up with, “But I don’t think she’ll go for it.”

I knew the answer, but I couldn’t resist asking, “Why?”

You know the answer too, don’t you?

Denise said, “She’s too set in her ways.”

Even if your mom, dad, uncle or aunt is “too set in their ways” to change Medicare policies, you may still be able to help lower their costs.

Are They Willing to Switch Pharmacies?

Many older seniors pay more for their prescriptions than they do for food. Even more tragically, many must choose between the two. By helping them switch pharmacies they may save 25% to 50% on drug costs.

You might be the hero they talk about at the next Thanksgiving dinner.

You can use the steps in my free 3 Little-Known Ways to Save on Medical Costs Without Changing Medicare Policies to see which local pharmacy will give them the best deal.

(You won’t need to call the pharmacies. You just need to know where to look on

Good luck with your stubborn uncle.

If one of your other uncles wants to lower his costs for a CT Medicare insurance policy, ask him to call me. 😉.


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