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Worst Kind of Medicare Insurance Agent

You probably developed a B* detector that will spot the worst kind of agent long before you had any interest in Medicare. Your gut talks to you when faced with a fast-talking, slick salesperson who only has his or short-term interest in mind.

If you can’t literally see their pants on fire, you can probably smell the smoke.

2nd Worst Kind of Medicare Insurance Agent

So, today we will focus on the second worst kind of agent. This is the Jack or Jennifer of all trades. He or she may have your best interest at heart, but may not have the right tools to help you. And may not even know it.

You will often get bad advice from an agent who dabbles in an insurance line, is a part-time agent, or is a new agent. This is particularly true regarding the more complicated lines of insurance.

Medicare insurance has a lot of moving parts. An agent should have a good handle on Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. Your agent should be able to show you how a Medicare Supplement Plan covers you differently than a Medicare Advantage plan.

He or she should be able to talk with you about the programs available for lower income Medicare enrollees and the impact an above average income has on monthly premiums and plan availability.

An agent who cares about showing Medicare enrollees the best options, will represent more than one company.

To help clients with Medicare Supplements, an agent only needs a license to sell health insurance. To help clients with Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans we need a separate certification and we must take a test with each company we represent each year. It can take weeks of study and test taking to climb this mountain each year.

Questions to ask when considering working with an agent:

  • Do you offer both Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans?
  • How many carriers offering Medicare insurance do you represent?
  • Can you talk me through the process of enrolling in Medicare Part A and B?
  • How does income affect my options?
  • Will you help me next year if my needs or the plans change?

If you are not comfortable with the answers you hear, focus on finding another agent. There are many good agents in Connecticut who are certified to help you enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans, can help you with Supplements and have high integrity.

I hope you want me to serve as your agent. If you want to see what others have said about me, you can visit our page on the Better Business Bureau and see my reviews.

Here is one review:

Alston B is a true professional. He can’t do enough to help you. He goes beyond and takes the extra miles to untangle the impossible maze of insurance co. red tape.

To see other reviews, visit our BBB reviews page.

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