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If I were still blessed with the earthly presence of my mother, I’d like to think she would buy her Medicare Plan from me. But maybe not. I doubt she ever forgot my irresponsible teen age years. And my irresponsible teen age years extended into my twenties.

But mom was very forgiving so she’d probably ask my help. So, if I were asked to help her select a particular Connecticut Medigap Plan or Medicare Advantage Policy, I would definitely recommend one particular policy. I have no doubt in my mind which policy that would be.

That policy would be…


Almost certainly…

The wrong policy for you.

What I want you to get out of the information you read on my blog is mainly the questions you should ask before you select a plan. If your answers are different, then the plan you should enroll in will probably be different also.

If you were to help me shop for clothes to take on my next vacation, you would need to know, my size, the weather I was likely to encounter, what activities I plan to do and probably several other things before you made any suggestions. Right?

So, the plan I would recommend for my mother might not even be the plan I would recommend for my dad. But the questions I would ask (if I didn’t already know the answers) would be the same.

I would ask them about their health. I’d write down the names of their doctors and medicines. I’d ask about their travel plans and their income. That would be a good start, but I’d eventually have more questions.

And I would encourage them to revisit these questions each year. Their answers might be different next year. There may be changes to the CT Medigap plans and the Medicare Advantage plans available next year. Medicare itself changes in some way each year.

This year one company is a better fit for more of my clients than any other. There are a few plans that are just so outrageously priced that I haven’t recommended them all year. But knowing which policy is most popular is as useful as knowing the average shoe size when its time buy boots for your uncle.

Aren’t Some CT Medigap or Advantage Plans Better than Others?

That being said, I do recommend $0 premium plans more often than other plans. However, two of the last three $0 premium policies I’ve recommended were from one company and one was from another. The last five clients I helped, purchased four different medical policies and one standalone Prescription Drug Plan. Three of the medical plans were $0 premium Medicare Advantage Policies and another was one of the most expensive Medicare Supplement Policies.

I really hope that the information in on my blog helps you narrow your choices. You’ll get even more information when you download this free 21-page guide to Connecticut Medicare plans. You will get Medicare buying for by email when you request the guide.

(If you don’t feel like reading the guide, just call me. I’d love to answer questions about your Medicare insurance options.)

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